Tea, Tea… Glorious Tea

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We have not really gone into detail about the loose leaf teas on offer at Urban Grounds before. Here are some photos of our lovely teas and some tea notes.


Kenya Black Tea
Kericho, west of the Rift Valley produces most of Kenya’s orthodox teas. Since Kenya’s independence, the large European tea estates have been converted into many small family owned tea farms. Tea is harvested and processed in one of several processing plants. Marinyn is blended from teas from several estates and has the style of a Darjeeling. The neatly twisted, golden tippy leaves steep to a bright, robust, medium bodied tea with a slight fruity or flowery taste.

Gunpowder Green Tea with Mint
Gunpowder tea is dried slowly in rotating drums to a very tightly-rolled ball. It has a slightly dry and fresh flavour. In this classic North African-style blend, it is blended with dried spearmint.

ugstrawlemgteaRooibos – Fairtrade Organic
Ultra-high grade pure rooibos tea.

Orange and Spices
Rooibos tea flavoured with cinnamon, whole cardamom, cloves, vanilla and orange. Beautiful tea visually.

Herbal HM
Herbal infusion with hibiscus, blackberry leaves, apple, orange peel, cardomom, cloves and flowers.
Exceptionally visually exciting.

Hibiscus tea is reputed to have been popular in ancient Egypt and is very common in North Africa where it is called karkade. It is also used in the Sahel region and in Senegal, the Gambia and Northern Nigeria. It is
called jamaica in Mexico and Central America and has been combined with beer in Trinidad and Tobago. It can be drunk hot or cold, with or without sugar. It has a tart, fruity tang and a beautiful red colour.

ugchamomile1Pure whole flower chamomile
Chamomile has been used by humans since the neolithic age. It is mild and caffeine free and its infusion is considered to be very healthy and relaxing.

Christmas rooibos
A nutmeg and cinnamon rooibos infusion.

Marimba fruit infusion
Hibiscus, orange, fruit. Smells and tastes amazing.
Forest Berries
Black tea flavoured with elderberries, blackberries, raspberries and raspberry leaves. Great as an iced tea.

Double good fortune Chinese show tea
Three chrysanthemum flowers are wrapped in spring-picked green tea leaves. The three flowers stand vertically in line when the tea is steeped, and express the hope that everything will go smoothly in life. This tea is produced in very small quantities as it takes 45 minutes to make each rosette.

Our selection of tea changes depending on availability and seasons.


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